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A poem inspired by the ancient Egyptian belief that the Nile is Osiris's body, rising as is resurrected, giving life to the land, falling as he dies...


Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray05 Jan 2015


Like the river, I rise, filling the land. My arms
and legs breathe life again. I have been dead
for so long. My body shudders with blood pulsing.
Waters swell. I open my eyes. I see.

Fields sprout, leaves and flowers, corn
writhing in the air. Life courses through the
landscape. The sand is no longer barren.
Beasts low. The farmer walks by the riverbank.

Boats sway in the waves. The hot sun casts colours
across the horizon. The dawn wakes the household,
the sunset shrouds the hills. I breathe slowly, inhale
and exhale, the life-giving air filling my lungs like seeds.

This is my kingdom. I stand. I have been below the
Earth, waiting for the sun, for dark days, bleak months.
My body heals. I wait for her song stealing among the trees.
I hope again. I dream again. I see her coming. I feel.