Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray18 Feb 2015


Turned to me in her eyes

Such wisdom clothed in blue

As the deepest sea wrapped

In dust on her back stood

Here the southern trees green

And pregnant with leaves wind

Breathing warmly and scent

Of pines here in the sun

I remember her still

Centuries later still

Her face imaged on mine

Her steps walking in mine

Her smile I hear when I

Shine with understanding

Remembering where we

Walked here in the mountains

When everything was

First here among people

Nothing was dark all was

Incorruptible I

Walk with her still she has

Not died wrapped in blue so

Deep like water we walk
And talk in twilight hours

Remembering each 

Step we took words we spoke

To others then as now

Need to speak again as

Something stirs in the

Heart-like womb bird's wings

Nestling understood by

Her unfurl to sing again