Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray19 Mar 2015


Stood in the stone halls singing
Red fire warm on eyes and hands
Eyes shining over food and
Laughter after the feast as
People listened listening
Wept stilled by remembrance
Of things of the heart stilled by
Beauty of the singer's voice

Do you remember us stood
Here beneath this tree singing
To you my love you my dear
Sun like a garland blooming
Over our heads birds pausing
To hear our song stars like a
Diadem as day poured into
Night hearts flowing into one

Strange to remember it now
Centuries past different
Clothes different hearts but
Here by this tree I sing to
You again having found you
At last dreaming the dream of
Roses in the Rose Garden
Completing the love song of

Lifetimes ago to one whose
Beauty lifetimes later stands
Here before me in all her
Splendour for all this beauty
I would sing again a loving
Troubadour as I sang then
Under that tree in those halls
To see my love smile again