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This poem is inspired by the Beguines, an all-female movement of lay women of the Middle Ages. Unlike Nuns, Beguines were not expected to be celibate, could be married and have children. They were ordinary women who chose to gather together to share their spirituality. Mary Magdalene was they iconic figure.

They perfected a thing called Love Mysticism, which was a form of Christian mysticism based on the Song of Solomon and the 1st Epistle of John. Their poetry was amazing... The most famous of them were Hadewijch, Mechtild of Magdeburg Marguerite Porete, all of whom wrote great works of mystical poetry...


Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray30 Mar 2015


Carry the basket to the house
Where we gather,
Food and water, sit by the river,
Watch the sun flow where the leaves dip,
Breath touching the waves.

Heavy with child
Women sat in the silent room,
Whispering, praying a circle of sound,
Wood and stone, fire in the hearth
A gust of wind opens between us

And she is there among us
As she was at the Supper,
Warmed, restored, blue as the night,
Smiling at gentleness,
Her touch the cup,

Arms open above us,
Light fills the heart.
New life within me,
New life stirring,
Felt in the body.

Something there
Beyond words,
Beyond feeling.
Sit by the riverbank,
Day's light fading.

Breeze kisses the water.
See her standing
There beneath mountains,
Watching, protecting,
A song in the night.