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This is the companion piece to 'Beguine':

The Beghards were the male counterparts to the Beguines. Like them they were lay people who devoted themselves to Christ and God. Like them they developed their own form of Christian Mysticism, which argued for a direct connection to God, without the need of the Church. Like them they fell foul of the authorities and were accused of heresy...


Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray31 Mar 2015


Can these hands
Find love?

These labourers arms
Fill with light?

After so many years

Can I have found blessing
Beneath this tree

By this lake
Where the wind plays

And the voice of the Spirit
Whispers unseen?

I walk slowly

Seeing sun
Between leaves

Know in an instant
What life can be

I look at my arms
I look at my hands

A bird sings

I am free