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This is a poem bringing together three celebrations, Easter, Passover and the Greek Rites of Persephone's return to the world, all of which fall at roughly the same time each year.

It is a time of resurrection, new life, deliverance from death and the coming of Spring to the earth...

Someone told me that this should be celebrated by a joyous poem a few years back, and out came this...


Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray06 Apr 2015

(Easter 2011)


The bleached
Biscuit of parched
Stone reflects
The blaze of the sun.
Out of this dust
A light rises that is
Life-giving water.
Out of the darkness
Of the deepest Tomb
Arises a new child,
Giving birth
To leaves and green
And colours the eye
Has never seen.
Feel the footsteps
Echo, the restored
Feet striding across
The Earth.


Huddled in their houses
Awaiting the promise
The people wait,
The lamb
Lying before them,
Blood on the lintels
To cry out for justice
And deliverance.
Freedom will not come
Tonight, but tomorrow.
Tonight, a haunted face
Moves among
The buildings, chosing
Its dwelling place
To bring
To those who would
Bind them. Weeping
Children in the street
The loss of
Devastation. The night
Is hungry, but the hope
Is for a new land,
A new life, a different
Sun rising in the East
Which is freedom,
And end
To death, the promise
Of peace. But tonight
We remember
And pray.


For too long
Has lived
Beneath the
Where there are
Only mists
And fires
And wasted flowers
Blooming among
But today
She bursts
Above the
Land, singing,
Open arms
Reaching out
To embrace
The world.

The people
Are singing.
See them run
Between the hills
Far from
Their homes
And into the fields
Where they dance.
Spring is coming
And the land
Her Mother is
Waiting, a smile
On her broken
Face. A short time
Of love together,
But now
Is a time of grace.