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Jake Murray

From London

Freelance poet, theatre director, screenwriter & teacher. 20+ poems published in Decanto Magazine, Thynks Healing Anthology, A Moonlit Teahouse & Critical Muslim.

What inspires me?

Love, passion, Spirit, beauty, loyalty, human ingenuity, paella, amaretto, lasagna.

My best line

"Fear fades, and I Am a pilgrim crouched by an oasis, A seeker gazing at the sky."

Top 5 poets

  1. T S Eliot
  2. Federico Garcia Lorca
  3. Gerard Manley Hopkins
  4. Pablo Neruda
  5. William Langland

Top 5 poems

  1. Four Quartets
  2. Dark Sonnets Of Love
  3. As Kingfishers Catch Fire
  4. The Vision Of Piers Ploughman
  5. The Prelude

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