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About hope in a dark situation


Pz-avatarby Marthan07 Jun 2018

Constantly working,
Never without the hustle and bustle of life.
I grab a stale muffin
Unfit to stay with the rest,
Is this what my life has come to?
I dream of better days,
Restful days.
No one would judge or disrespect,
I would be happy.
Not having to chose whether
To eat
Or pay rent.
Performing on a real stage
Where people want to listen to you
And put on the show.
There’s no rude customer,
Just wanting to drink their coffee.
Feeling the happy warm sunshine
Blissfully start my tan.
Someone hands me a
Cold drink.
I am no longer serving anyone
I’m free.
Walking out of the coffeehouse
Just to start again.