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A mystical poem, that just flowed out from me after meditation

Butterfly Rise

Pz-avatarby Socrates 194309 Dec 2013

Butterfly Rise

Butterfly rise in your beauty and your grace
Come forth from that old worn out shell.
Come show me your beauty
And the truth of your face
And open the gates of this Hell
Break open the gates of this Hell.

Rise up from that prison
That you've made for yourself
Just thrust it aside like a rag.
Rise up from your greed
Be free from your wealth
Break free from those chains that you drag.
Break free from those chains that you drag.

Rise, rise, rise, rise oh butterfly rise
Just spread out your wings and you'll fly.
So rise, rise, rise, rise Oh butterfly rise
It's only the old that will die.

Reach for that light that you feel in your heart
Let it drown you in the sweetest mystery.
Dissolve like the salt as it blends with the sea
And then you the ocean will be
As you reach for the sky like a tree
As you melt into the rarest mystery.