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This poem is based on a lot of disturbed people who I have come across who have been molested as children.

Baby Jane

Pz-avatarby Socrates 194305 Jan 2014

Baby Jane

Baby Jane is weeping
She sobs all through the night
Her daddy, he’s just left her
And something don’t seem right
All that touching going on
Something tells her, something’s wrong
She’s only five, so very young
And not yet very strong.

Baby Jane is eighteen, now
Quite beautiful she be
And yet she thinks she be unloved
And suffers misery
Whenever she gets intimate
Most seem to treat her bad
She thinks she has no worth at all
Sometimes it drives her mad.

Baby Jane’s in prison now
She murdered some damn fool
He’d treated her with disrespect
And often was so cruel
So one day she could take no more
And her mind went in a whirl
God help a world In which such things
Can happen to a sweet young girl.