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Just a poem I wrote when I was thinking why I like to write. It's my story, the only one I will have as far as I know, and I want everybody to know what it was like being me. Whether this happens or not I will do my best

When my time comes

Pz-avatarby Socrates 194306 Jan 2014

I’ve reached my three score years, and ten
I’ve had a wondrous life
I’ve done bad things, earned some karma
And wed a lovely wife
I’ve served my country willingly
In a country torn with war
And adopted, me a great country
I could not ask for more.

Who knows when my time will come?
I’ve abused my body some
I’ve drank the beer, and smoked the drugs
And acted kind of dumb
But when that time comes I must leave
To go to other shores
I can say that I have really lived
In all these years before.

I’ve wrote me seven thousand songs
Life story all in rhyme
And two full chapters from the Bible
But now I’m past my prime
All that I can ask is this
That folk will read my story
I do not want to die without
At least this bit of glory.

I believe that every soul
Should leave something behind
And so I leave folk all of this
My rhythm, and my rhyme
For me I have poured out my heart
In writing down these things
Although I know that in the end
They do not mean a thing.

5 January 2014 @ 1510hrs.