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On reading a book by the great mystic he raised an issue about science, which caused this poem to flow from me

The wisdom of Osho

Pz-avatarby Socrates 194307 Jan 2014

The other day I read a book
By a mystic, name of Osho
I read a lot of stuff by him
He has helped me to grow
He lived in a place called Poona
Where he helped a lot of guys
To get rid of their foolishness
And so to make them wise.

He raised a question in this book
About the clever art of science
It seems they learn a lot of things
But never about the silence
That habitats the world within
That’s there in all of us
It seems it has no real importance
To them, not worth the fuss.

It seems to me this world’s a mess
Cause no one looks within
Each one it seems lives in the mind
All filled with useless din
Until we learn to look within
The wars will just go on
And greed will be the thing that rules
Until this world is gone

No one seems to care at all
Though most, they say they do
They say ‘I know’ yet really don’t
They haven’t got a clue
The wise, they bring this wisdom to us
But science does not care
And it’s because this be the case
There’s carnage everywhere.