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A poem about meditation

Stopping the thoughts

Pz-avatarby Socrates 194308 Jan 2014

Stopping the thoughts

Have you ever stopped the mind?
Have you felt that blessed peace?
That oh so wondrous harmony
The sweetness of release
From all those things that bother you
The cause of all the din
Have you ever stopped the mind?
And looked so deep within.

The mind must always run the show
As round, and round it goes
Making such a great big deal
So noisy, as it grows
All filled with wants, and ifs, and buts
It speeds out of control
And at its worst could cause psychoses
And rob you of your soul.

But when you’ve stopped those blessed thoughts
For just a tiny while
That harmony will pour on in
Your heart will surely smile.
Try it for a while my friends
I bet your life will change
For this be when the light seeps in
And you’re life you’ll rearrange.