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A poem on the horror of war based on my service in Vietnam

If you saw the horror

Pz-avatarby Socrates 194308 Jan 2014

If you saw the horror

If you in your life once saw
A man’s head filled with maggots
Intestines screaming out at you
And smelling such a lot
And seen the horror on his face
Though he be the enemy
Then you’d look at war my friends
And feel the same as me.

I carried him within my arms
This enemy so fierce
He died before my eyes, you know!
Into my heart it pierced
[This horror that be war my friends
The ugliness of it!!!!]
Although he was the enemy
It hurt me quite a bit.

For he was just a human being
Leaving folk who loved him
To die in so much misery
I saw his eyes go dim
And my heart went out to him
For he too, I had killed
I did not fire the blessed missile
Yet guilty I was still!!!.