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Poem of fantasy

Mustang man

Pz-avatarby Socrates 194301 May 2014

Mustang Man.

He's standing in the moonlight
That crazy Mustang man.
'Ain't never seen no sunshine
Since the day it all began.
His eyes are as black as ebony
They gleam like the fires of Hell
As they pierce into the depths of me
They can see my fears so well
That Mustang man.
That mustang man.

He was born one night on the bayou
And that night was liquid black.
As a long black snake enshrouded him
And old Satan stroked his back..
And the Ghouls from Hell all welcomed him
Those fiends from Hades side..
And the stench of evil ruled the land
And virtue groaned and died
That Mustang man
That Mustang man.

Mustang man don't mess with me
Go take your loathsome ways
Remove thy taint of misery
Vacate this space today.
Don't hide within my shadow self
As you shake me with despair.
As you dance within my nightmare dreams
It seems you're every where
You Mustang man
You Mustang man.

Socrares 1990.