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Just thinking about this crazy world we live in these questions grew

I have to ask this question

Pz-avatarby Socrates 194301 May 2014

I have to ask this question.

I have to ask this question
The answer’s overdue
Sometimes it makes me very sad
I don’t mind telling you
I’m asking all that walk this Earth
‘Why can’t you find your peace’?
Why can’t you see what’s there within?
Why can’t these wars all cease?

Why have you all these inner wars
That cause so many ills?
I do not understand it
I guess I never will
Those inner wars, cause outer wars
And this, it be the case
And this, it seems to be to me
The curse of the human race.

These wars will not be ending
Till you’ve looked so deep within
When you’ve found that peace within you
A symphony begins
And you will be a wondrous light
To everyone you know
And if the many practice this
Then all the wars will go.

19 April 2014 @ 1552hrs.