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A poem I wrote after my early morning walk with my Rotty, Bear

In the early morning hours

Pz-avatarby Socrates 194302 May 2014

In the early morning hours
The sky is filled with clouds
I love this morning time do I
Away from all the crowds
I take my Bear dog on his lead
As the rain grows wild, and strong
And we two walk, the streets together
My heart is filled with song.

There’s nothing like a morning walk
When that soft, sweet, velvet rain
Caresses one with tender touch
It’s not that I’m insane
I just like being held in nature
I guess that’s who I be
Cause me, I be a natural man
And I love mystery.

I see there just in front of me
Two massive kangaroos
As the gates, I walk on through
And Bear, he sees them too
I grab him lest he should take off
Those Roo’s are kind of tough
As, If I let Bear off the lead
He’d find out soon enough.

The danger gone, we both move on
And take the road Back home
We’ve seen the rain and Kangaroos
We’ve had our little roam
And now it’s time to be at home
And write a song or two
When I’m not walking with my bear
Then this is what I do.

1 June 2013 @ 2006hrs