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A poem about the futility of desires

Always wanting

Pz-avatarby Socrates 194303 May 2014

Always wanting

Do you ever look and notice?
That no matter what you get
Could be a car, could be a house
Or anything, and yet
Once the novelty is gone
You’re wanting something new
There always will be something else
No matter what we do.

Well, does this tell you something?
About desires and all of this
The mind is something like a sponge
It can never give you bliss
For everything you’re searching for
Is bound to let you down
Because you can’t get satisfaction
You’ll always wear a frown.

The thing you’re searching for is here
It’s been here all the while
A whisper hiding in your soul
Guaranteed to make you smile
Just close your eyes and seek it
Just knock and you shall find
It’s always been the place of joy
For all of human kind.

3 May 2014 @ 11