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Garden of Eden, used as a metaphor, which I believe it to be

The garden of Eden

Pz-avatarby Socrates 194304 May 2014

The Garden of Eden.

It be the place we all came from
Way back fore we were born
We grow among, Its tender flowers
In our tiny seedling forms
The silence there is oh so pure
The rhythm is such bliss
We spend nine months there, each of us
It’s just the way life is.

No worries happen in this space
Our souls are filled with peace
Each moment is pure harmony
It’s a life of perfect ease
No struggles there for anyone
In this garden where we grow
Then all too soon from Eden’s garden
Our fate it does us throw

We always want to go back there
But know, this can’t be done
We have to grow and move along
Yes each and every one
Must find the path to ecstasy
Find the key to Heavens door
To dwell in peace and harmony
Until forever more.

22 April 2014 @ 1422hrs.