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A poem about the rich and their power


Pz-avatarby Socrates 194305 May 2014

So many fakes

There be so many fakes around
That walk upon this Earth
Spreading all their countless lies
And taking all our worth
They tell us every kind of lie
Then hold us in their power
Then their promises they drop
To wilt like dying flowers

Then there be religious fakes
Using stories without proof
They dress themselves in wondrous garbs
And spread around their truths
That fill our minds with fire and brimstone
So we curl up, and cower
As these wolves in sheep’s clothing
Rule us with empty power.

Then we have the royalty
The kings and queens and such
Where did they get there power from?
It seems they have too much
While most they live in poverty
In so much wealth they live
But I would like to ask one question
What do these people give?

5 May 2014 @ 1340hrs