iTunes 11 – Now Available

Usaby Peter Terry27 Dec 2019

As if Apple products and apps couldn’t get any juicier, the company has now released iTunes 11. Apple had finally put the long wait to rest, but also putting the old iTunes version in mediocrity. Apple product users have much to celebrate with the new features of their favorite music player and live wallpapers. Everything has been redesigned from the attractive look, new program icons and airier navigation. Its speed had significantly improved and it shows a more stable interface than iTunes 10.

In the reviews, app analysts confirmed that the new interface shows a big departure from the program’s predecessor. Navigation has become friendlier with the drop-down menus giving it a cleaner look. Music seems easily accessible because the screen is not cluttered with shortcuts icons. Tiles fly by as you maneuver across the app making it feel fresh and up-to-gadget-savvy standards.

The handy Mini-player also gained a much-deserved make over. More so, playlists can now be viewed and played without having to open a whole window. Music lovers can now jump from one playlist to another without interruptions in their jam.

With the “Up Next” feature, listeners have the option of creating temporary playlists, unlike the old practice of creating whole new ones to match a user’s mood. Searching for a song has never been snappier with the pop up list, along with descriptions like song title, song artist and album.

iTunes 11 also features added iCloud improvements making it easier to sync with the Apple operating system. This integration now allows users to download songs while still in the music library. The iTunes store has also been updated, making the newly released app consistent with all its enhancements. This digital hub shows off a new album grid that can be expanded for the song listing view.

Not all iTunes users are happy, though. Despite the approval from Apple fans, it’s also been receiving bad reviews. Some users can’t seem to get around the new version. Since it’s not an upgrade but a complete revamp of the old player, this program may take time to get used to considering the old version is already two years old. It would help to read reviews, watch videos on how to use iTunes 11 and modify the default settings to make the most of the application. It’s only a matter of time and everyone will be jamming with iTunes 11.