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about September, the 11th...


Picapicadazibao.nouveau.logo.grandby PICAPICAdazibao29 May 2014

Perhaps you were a good person,
Perhaps you were not;
Perhaps you were an interesting person,
Perhaps you were not;
Perhaps you were a man,
Perhaps you were not;
Like each human being living on this blue planet
You had qualities,
You had failings,
It really does not matter,
Life matters...

Breath is so fragile
And Time is fastly running
On the thin thread of eternity...
I would like us to have a break
To speak about rain, nature or even sport,
The colours of the hills there so far away,
The flying of blue and green savage ducks between white clouds
But I do think it is impossible:
Unfortunately you died
On tuesday, September the 11th 2001
In New York
Because of two planes...