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One night, I slept (friendship sleeping, I mean no sex) with Maryline; then I've never seen her...


Picapicadazibao.nouveau.logo.grandby PICAPICAdazibao29 May 2014

One night
I was friendly sleeping beside you,
I could hear your breath
Disrupting the silence of the night
And I felt your fears
And I heard your tears
And you took the spear
To kill the one
Who treated you bad…
There is a mood for revenge
In all your desires,
There is the shadow of hatred
In all your desires
And your brave soul
Looks like a terrific warrior
Seeking a proud victory
Not for himself
But a victory for the glory
Of fair values;
I cannot tell whether
It was a dream
But I do remember I saw you
Struggling against dragons
And awful monsters
And at the end
Of the battle,
You were standing alone
In a lonely field with blood everywhere
Holding in your hand
The sword of honor…

Early in the morning
I just woke up
Before you
And I did watch your pretty face
Still sleeping,
Still dreaming…
Your eyes were softly closed
And they make me wonder:
What she is dreaming of?
And I just thought:
My god! She is so quiet
At last!
I would like you
To find calm and happiness,
I would like you
To leave sadness and loneliness,
I would like you
To ignore those people with mercyless,
Those men who did not
Respect you,
Those men who did not
Consider you
As the great woman
That you are,
But your heart is hurt
And you will need some time
To cure
I guess…

Memory is the enemy of oblivion…