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This poem is about how I would like to see myself as I advance in age.

I Wish it Were Another Day

Dscn0013by Blogpoet26 Dec 2016

I wish it were another day
Then I could be the little boy
Cradled in his mother’s arms.
I wish it were another day
Then I would have told my dad
How much I loved him
Before he passed away.
I wish it were another day
Then I could lay
Some adolescent sins to rest.

But it will always be today
Tomorrow doesn’t exist
Even if it’s full of my dreams,
Until it relentlessly becomes today,
And yesterday is beyond my grasp
It’s already slipped through my fingers
Carrying with it all my deeds
Actions that will always remain
A part of my personal history.

So I try not to treat today with disdain
Because I know that sooner or later
One today will become my last day
So I’ll be where I’ll be
Because I am who I am
I hope I’ll have some respect
For this man who is about to depart
And retained some remnants of a moral core
Otherwise, what was my life for?

Copyright © Peter Wheeler 2016
All Rights Reserved.