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All the recent fuss about men wanting tints of grey so as to look like George Clooney rather amused me, I went grey a few years ago and didn't resort to dyeing my hair (you are who you are) but now I can thank him for making it fashionable.
Don't buy shares in Grecian 2000.

George Clooney

Dscn0013by Blogpoet18 Sep 2013

Listen mate!...So you're going grey
And everyone wants to copy your locks,
What about yours truly, I got there first.
I think you are following me
But just because you've got more money
Doesn't give you the green light
To steal my copyright.

I was going grey when you were just a lad
But it wouldn't feel so bad
If the style magazines
Had beaten a path to my door.
They didn't and I'm pissed off
Can't even get a leading role
In an ad for coffee makers,
And what's even worse
I'll probably be first
At the undertakers.