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Never saw the point in tinted windows, even if you're famous they draw, rather than deflect, attention.
From my point of view It's just a 'look at me' plea.

Tinted Car Windows.

Dscn0013by Blogpoet26 Sep 2013

Just in case you fancied a squint
I've added a tint
To my car windows.
Only the rear ones,
After all I don't want to break the law
But I would be annoyed
If anyone saw...
The celebrity who might be my passenger
Or the 'Cartier' bags on the rear seats.
Trouble is,
My motor is more than second hand
So it needs a bit of mystery,
And I don't want anyone to see
That I'm always on my own.
So if you do eyeball me
Play up to my vanity
Pretend to be impressed and curious,
Otherwise I'll be deflated and furious.