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Live close to a famous set of wealthy, influential people. As I have neither of these attributes I have resorted to pleading - in verse - to become a member of their set.

Oh Please...Let Me Join The Chipping Norton Set.

Dscn0013by Blogpoet13 Nov 2013

Honest! If I could afford
A thoroughbred horse
I'd let Charlie train it, of course
And if I were DG of the BBC
I'd assure Jeremy
That 'Top Gear' will run
Until it's centenary.
And I do love cheese
So I promise to sing 'Alex's Song'
If you'll just ask me along
Because Blur can do no wrong,
He knows his curds and whey
And I'm dying to hear him say
The invite's on the way.
So please... don't blackball me
Cos' you know who's my MP
And for Dave it would be
A heaven sent opportunity
To enjoy my witty repartee.
As for the yacht I haven't got
Do I need one to join you lot?
In your exclusive sailing club
After all, where can you float
A boat,
'Chippy' is a long way from the sea.
But I promise, one day I'll be...
Rich and famous,
And would just love to become
An invitee.
Oh please...