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Met colleagues here when I was a brewery rep. in the seventies, when all day drinking was illegal except in clubs/hotels, the place was seedy but great fun, it brings back fond memories of early working life.

Pavilion Tennis Club

Dscn0013by Blogpoet11 Apr 2014

Poor old Neasden, butt of cruel jokes
Spliced in two by the North Circular Road
What could ever make you famous?
It should have been your tennis club
Frequented by people just slightly below
The top social strata who neigh 'helloos'.

Queen's Club is for the privileged few
But The Pavilion was for anyone who...
Wanted to drink all day
Enjoying cabaret, performed by a transvestite
Miming to records by his icon Shirley.
Could Simon Cowell make his night?
No it was thirty years too early.

This poor male artist was wearing a thong
So tight, that even a ball boy might
Think twice about retrieval.
He was changing by the door
When our not too posh party arrived
No umbrella-holding flunkey was waiting to greet us
But undeterred, in we go.

Les, the owner and mine host
Collected a quid each at the door
His charge for this artistic coup
And possibly a reward to
The performer who, might blow him away
As well as the audience, after he closed.

There are subtle differences between
Queen's and The Pavilion
The latter had only one tennis court
And the chances of playing on it were nought
Due to the presence of a massive tree
Whose trunk was where the net should be.

But come on,
Where would you have had the most fun?