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If you've ever attended some form of corporate partying, you will have witnessed a scene like this, always amusing but never mentioned the next day.
Honest 'guv when I reached middle age and attended these do's I just got pissed with my mates.

Daddy Cool

Dscn0013by Blogpoet12 May 2014

The Sales Conference went like a dream
My closing speech
Was a peach
Enthused everyone in my team
Now it's time for the dinner
And club music to follow
What a chance to wallow
In my role as a winner supreme.

So what if I'm middle aged
I won't allow the young bucks
To upstage me, on the dance floor
I'll have plenty of wine with my meal
But I'll also make sure
I've got room for some more
These youngsters haven't got a clue
Wait 'till they see what ol' snake hips can do.

I've taken off my suit jacket
And removed my tie
Can't wait to show them I can hack it
When they see my dancing they'll die.
It's that Sharon I want to impress
I've never seen such a short dress
But I still want to see what's hidden
Of that sexy little temptress.

I know she fancies me
It's not just my money
It's my experience as a mature lover
That's what she wants
A man who knows which buttons to press.
Why get screwed by a scrawney, spotty kid
When she could be in sexual paradise
As soon as I unzip my flies.

I've got her on the dance floor
And I'm already imagining her in bed,
Begging for more
All the time my body is gyrating
Grooving to the I hyperventilating?
But at least my prick is stubbornly hard
While I desperately try not to resemble
A perspiring tub of lard.

Now the DJ is starting the smoochy routine
But Sharon didn't seem that keen
"Thank you Mr Pratt" she said
"I'm very tired, It's time to go to bed"
'Huh, you don't know what you're missing'
That's what went through my mind
As I watched her gorgeous little behind
Go up the stairs, ruining my obscene dream.

Looks like I'm off to my room alone
But it's not too late to phone the missus
She's bound to be home
After her night out with her mates
I always enjoy our little tete a tetes
And at least there's someone who really wants me
But she's not answering...where is she?
My god if she's playing around, I'll give her hell
Just wait and see.