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Looking for love is about pursuing what's most important in life, your wealth won't come and visit you in hospital, (although people who covet it will).

Looking For Love

Dscn0013by Blogpoet25 Oct 2014

I've searched for you everywhere
Why are you so elusive, so invisible
No more than my dream of dreams,
My heart just wants to give
To that special person
Who'll be my only reason to live
But still you ignore me
And then only make it worse
When you tease,
Confront me with what I'm missing
You let me see happy couples
Laughing, hugging , kissing
Smiling at each other with their eyes,
I try not to stare
But their affectionate bliss
Makes my life seem threadbare
An emotional desert.
So it must be my turn soon
But you haven't blessed me yet
How long do I have to wait
Before you coerce me
To seal an unhappy fate
By having an affair
With sex, money or alcohol
A lust for my own downfall
When I know they can't give me
Love, trust and respect
But they'll fill a void
Sedate my longings
But reality will always loom
So please visit me soon
Before this loneliness gnaws
Straight through
My unfulfilled cause
Why don't you realise that I'm
Waiting, waiting, waiting...