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The scale of the Universe is absolutely mindbending and I would love to gain a basic understanding of it.
My problem is that I cannot grasp the concept of infinity, so any further research is rendered useless, my poem explains the frustration.


Dscn0013by Blogpoet07 Feb 2015

You really are baffling me
You have no beginning
And no end
Such a difficult concept
To comprehend
Science teaches me
That you go on and on and on
And on and on and on
A bit like The Rolling Stones
I thought
As my brain was engaged
And enlightenment was sought
But Stephen Hawking's imagination
Is far more advanced than mine
So there's no point in me reading
'A Brief History of Time'
Until I grasp this concept
Of limitless space
And begin my climb
On his ladder of knowledge
And view the sublime
The amount of stars and planets
Must be infinite too
So why bother counting them
Even if it's possible to do
Is there an infinite number?
Perhaps a Trillion Quadrillions
Will nearly be true
But I know
I haven't thought this through
Because I'm beginning to wonder
Where does it all end
Oh! bugger, it doesn't
Now I'll have to start all over again
And my thought process
Will have to go on and on and on
And on and on and on...