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a village in time

From a Stapler to a Sir

Pz-avatarby Poddi j Bott06 Jan 2014

Sir Titus, Sir Titus did you really foresee?
The Village you started too build in 1853,
Would still be around in the 21st Century.

Sir Titus, Sir Titus in Liverpool found,
The bales of Alpaca wool so tightly bound,
The Worsted cloth it made did break ground.

A Village you built three miles from Bradford,
By the canal and the river Aire so broad,
With stone and wood the best you could afford.

The mill, the largest in Europe at the time,
It made you a cloth so smooth and so fine,
You showed the world, the idea was thine.

Charles Dickens wrote about you and your foresight,
Houses with running water and the gas light,
A Church, an Hospital and Shops on the same site.

You were Chief Constable, Mayor and a Baronet in the county of York,
The things you did, started people to talk,
Then a green park for your workers to walk.

All this you did in your 73 year life time,
With 11 children and a wife Caroline,
Your village will stand the test of time.

160 years later, the village still has your Heart,
The great mill, Jonathon Silver saved from falling apart,
Is now a place you can see David Hockneys art.

A World Heritage Site, Saltaire became,
If you could see it now, it just looks the same,
So Thank You SIR TITUS SALT, what a great name.