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a flowery spring estate walk

Spring Has Sprung.

Pz-avatarby Poddi j Bott07 Jan 2014

Spring is here for all to see,
So it's off for a walk for you and me,
Through the woods or in a green lea.

There are many wild flowers in full colour,
Milner Fields in bloom it couldn't get much fuller,
Take a walk through with no Bluebells it's duller.

At the North Lodge there's Primrose in May,
By the gate to the left is the Coltsfoot some say,
A reputed cough cure in Medieval day.

Round to the right the old house has gone to seed,
You can just see the Mosaic overrun with Bindweed,
Some say the place is cursed so just you take heed.

Follow the path to see a Buttercup and Daisy swell,
The Marsh Marigold petals down the old well,
Take in the fresh air with a faint Garlic smell.

The Elusive Cuckoo-Pint which does bloom late,
A show of Common Cats Ear by the South gate,
Then on to Saltaire saying `Good Bye` to the Estate.