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A tame bird in the wild

Salty The Parakeet.

Pz-avatarby Poddi j Bott07 Jan 2014

Salty, Salty, let us know where you're at,
I've just seen Kitty Berry's old black cat,
I hope you haven't been eaten by that?

There's people looking around for you,
Singing a song up in the Blue,
Is there more than one of you?

We used to see you here and there,
Or hear you singing high up somewhere,
Are you still in this Jewel we call Saltaire?

In a tree or on a cable,
Please sing to us if you're able,
Did someone see you on their bird table?

With this World Hetitage Site now on the map,
let's see all your colours with that green cap,
Please Salty don't leave us, `IN A FLAP`