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Country sights around Saltaire

Saltaire A Green Place.

Pz-avatarby Poddi j Bott09 Jan 2014

Gaze over to the North East and you will see,
In the spring time, bright colours in the lea,
Green grass, hedges and the tall tree.

All starting to grow and to flourish,
So many colours as you could wish,
A delight for a painter with a big swish.

Brown trunks to carry the tree leaf,
Yellow stalks to support the corn sheaf,
Grey stems to hold heather on the heath.

The mighty Oak and a large Chestnut spread,
Bales of hay ready for the animals to be fed.
A large Primrose to a swaying Poppy head.

Green Trees and Plant life for which we care,
So breathe in and take the clean fresh air,
Around this is the model village we call Saltaire .