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Saltaires history

Saltaire a Village Built to Last.

Pz-avatarby Poddi j Bott09 Jan 2014

They used to live and work near,
Some say for their jobs in fear,
Saltaires been built many a year.

The houses for different work grades,
From small to large, some with maids,
Saltaires been built for decades,

The mills did weave 100 percent pure,
From coats to scarves and a whole lot more,
Saltaires been built for over a century I’m sure.

The Alpaca wool was the first start,
All set up by Sir Titus Salt, Bart,
Saltaires been built with his big heart.

Plenty of weaving and spinning done then,
By some Three Thousand Five Hundred men,
Saltaires been built and will last till, Who Knows When?