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the many trees of Saltaire

Name That Tree.

Pz-avatarby Poddi j Bott09 Jan 2014

Study the trees in Saltaire and Roberts Park,
The large English Oak with a twisted furrowed bark,
The Squirrel and the Jay hide its Acorns in the dark.

The shimmering green Ash that grows straight and tall
A member of the Olive family with a Silver grey shawl,
Its single wing seeds ready in autumn to fall.

The wide spreading Beech with leaves of oval green,
Several types all named after colours are to be seen,
With a smooth trunk, spindly branches and furry pod beans.

A Weeping Willow bred from the Gardens of Babylon,
Hairy twigs that male and female Catkins hang on,
A shrub and a tree,easy for children to swing on.

An English Cedar Elm stands tall with branches swaying,
Dark, rough green leaves then red flowers in early spring,
The Old London Bridge used hard Elm for supporting.

Many a tall Sycamore with smooth bark of silvery grey,
Hand shaped leaves with Whirlybird seeds in May,
Its wood made into Violas, Violins and Guitars to play.

There’s the new Indian bean tree planted in the Park,
Purple flecks on white and yellow flowers that shine in the dark,
Antiseptic for snake bites and a tea made from its bark.

The Ornamental Witch Hazel is planted in the dell
In winter it flowers then its seeds explode from a shell,
Its bendable twigs make good Divining rods as well,

The Mighty Horse Chestnuts been 5 Centurys in England,
White and Red flowers from buds that stick to your hand,
Then a game of shiny conkers with string, after they land.

Then by the church it’s the great Redwoods standing proud,
Early winter sees flowers that spread out in a yellow shroud,
These tall ancient giants don’t get lost in the Saltaire crowd.

So when you’re out walking in this model village or around,
Please listen up, don’t drag you feet on cobbled ground,
You might hear the wind whistling through these trees, making a Beautiful Sound.