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a clever cat

Kitty Berry's Old Black Cat.

Pz-avatarby Poddi j Bott09 Jan 2014

In Saltaire there are lots of different animals some wild like the ducks and swans on the canal, but there are many domesticated ones looked after by the residents, rabbits, budgies, dogs and even mice, but most of all cats. They roam the streets as if they own them.
Here is a poem about such a Saltaire cat.

Kitty Berry’s Old Black Cat
Kitty Berry’s old black cat was a stunner be sure of that,
Lying there watching the world, with its tail around it curled,
Out at night and in by day, this Saltaire cat had its own way,
Never missing a chance to eat, if not its own, someone else’s meat,
With Kitty’s back a turned, up it jumped and with one bite, got Dad’s tea, then off in flight,
Through open door and out of sight.
Now with trouble on the brew, Dad’s dark words, Kitty knew,
That cat as sharp as a knife, will surely lose another life.
Dad came home his work all done, with a rumble in his tum,
At the oven, Kitty shaking, with a new tea in the making,
What’s going on, where’s my food? Dad did ask in a bad mood.
The old black cat, he did take it, then off as fast as he could make it,
Was the answer Kitty gave, knowing she`d sent the cat to a watery grave.
When next morn cat came home, no mouse or bird it did bring, but Dad was ready with bag and string.
Then to work, o’er the river Aire, bag in hand, Dad didn`t care,
With a swing bag was thrown, in`t water washed away, not to be seen at end`t day.
So to work and earn his keep, while Kitty at home, did cry and weep,
In the dark and the wet, cat did his best work yet.
With sharp claws he did slash, then was out, in a mad splash,
Old canvas bag washed away, cat was yet, to live another day,
With Dad’s tea in a pan, Kitty not watching, in cat ran,
Then its tail around it curled, fell asleep, without a care in the world.
After days toil and sweat, o’er the river, no cat was met,
Dad Ready for his food, walking home, in a quiet mood,
Kitty at back door, saw black cat, asleep on’t floor,
This she didn’t understand, and then at door, Dad did land,
What’s going on, where’s my food? Dad did ask in a good mood.
Food was served on a plate, Dad saw cat, when he ate,
She’s got nine lives don’t get mad, she hasn’t many left, Dad did add.
Kitty Berry’s old black cat, was still a stunner, curled up on'tmat.

Written by Poddi J Bott & his Mum, (Kitty Berry)