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street names of Saltaire

The Streets of Saltaire

Pz-avatarby Poddi j Bott11 Jan 2014

With all the streets crossing and running in line,
From corner to corner they all look so fine,
Built by Sir Titus, I wonder if he said. `Are these all mine? `

His eleven children all have a street name,
Six boys and five girls all with Saltaire fame,
A village built by Sir Titus, many did ask, `What’s his game? `

Granddaughters, Grandsons and some of family in-law,
The streets to build took fifteen years or more,
Two named after Architects, whom for Sir Titus, they did draw.

A road and a terrace for the Queen, who’s sixty glorious year reign, did run,
Then for her Prince Consort, two just the same were done,
As for a Princess a named Square, was her only one.

One street and two places, these are the different three,
Where their name came from is still a mystery,
Don’t miss a road for the 1887 Royal Yorkshire Jubilee.

There are thirty above places, named after who?
Plus a Higher and Lower Street by the school, that makes thirty two,
So when In Saltaire read the street names and try to work out, who’s who,