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Saltaire's variety of wild Birds

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Pz-avatarby Poddi j Bott13 Jun 2018

The birds you see when in Saltaire, or around,
The whistling and the singing, what a beautiful sound,
There's many a different type, here to be found,

There's Ducks, Geese and Swans, on the canal to feed,
Above you Swallows, Swifts and Martins, flying at speed,
Watch a pair of Common Moorhen, hiding in the water reed,

Be quiet to see Gulls, Kingfishers and the Heron, diving for food,
The noisy Crows, Larks and Rooks, seem to squawk in a bad mood,
Ring-necked Doves and Fantailed Pigeons, sitting on their brood,

The Snowy, Tawny and Barn Owls, fly silently looking for rodents to catch,
Fluttering Willow, Blue and Great Tits, what a colourful match,
Singing Nightingales, Blackbirds and the Thrush, sat on eggs near ready to hatch,

Grey Plover, Golden Lapwing and the Green Peewit, fly noisily on the moor,
Piculets, Wrynecks and the Green Woodpecker knocking, you can hear a echo,
Salty the Parakeet out on the loose, but your pet Budgie is behind a cage door,

Many Black and White Magpies, one for sorrow two for joy,
The Small Tree Sparrow, hard to tell if its a girl or a boy,
Our smallest bird is the Marsh Wren, its a loud singer but coy,

Fast Sparrow Hawk and Kestrel, are our birds of prey,
The Small Red Breasted Robin, singing early in the day,
A Yellow Billed Cuckoo, in someone else's nest they lay,

All these birds you can spot, when out for a walk or a run,
From Europe, faraway Canada and Russia they come,
Mostly residents here, but visitors or migrants are some,

Many are seen in daylight, but some in the dark night,
Here in Saltaire Village, Milner Fields or Roberts Park,
Whether your bird spotting seriously Twitching or just out for a LARK.