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Eneke The Bird
This talks about a story of a bird with an hunters gun
a shared story in poem


Thumbs_upby Emmanuel .o. Ameachi21 Oct 2014

shared story in poem

Since the hunters have learnt how to shoot without missing

Eneke spoke out of expression

The villagers lament to reason

Enekes reason to stay alive

So Eneke learnt to fly without perching on their trees

A hunters plan shattered in disarray

Spoken words on feathers wings

The birds songs of escape friday

Aimless target of a gunpowder

Trigger pull on a stand still

Eneke the smart African bird

A friendly feather of the cloud

Redemption songs of a spread wings

In void the hunter stayed awake at his hunt

The village square moon light tales

A time almost at night

Hunters gun dropped in tiredness

Eneke ask,how can he wait forever?

When the hunter is on battle dealing with is feathers