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Bad Magic:
This talks about African charms


Thumbs_upby Emmanuel .o. Ameachi22 Oct 2014

shared story in poem
:African Voodoo

To the primitive native life

Taking up the object of whatever chameleon

Bad magic swim gaily on the surface of life

A walk on waters

Trembling at the crisis of water loo

In the air,on the land even in the waters

Seeing you for what you are

Bad magic an african stumbling block

Distaste of a wicked charm

Trembling penitential tears

Prostrate spirit day and night

Awful spirit of boundless powers

Dust of toil in quiet strength

Work till day light

Soften into the presence of midnight

A blurring of the victim senses

Defraud of mankind

A faint beside the way to sink

Fire of wicked passion

Clouds of unleash confusion

Reducers of mankind to a loaf of bread

Bad magic....The African Powers

Rulers of darkness in high places