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The True Light
This talks about an undying light shinning within a mans soul


Thumbs_upby Emmanuel .o. Ameachi22 Oct 2014


free verse poetry
Basking in glory

There is a particular light

A type not easily extinguish

Lost but found blind mans vision,awakening

Rising like any villager after a hunt ball

The full half of a yellow sun

Radiant light of that not of a scorching sun
.....The true light......
Reflecting light in the air

Of one doing a duty

Going after it breakfast

There was something else that was plenty more

Content with lively existence

The freshness of the new

In the beginning there was this light

It came to be the light of men

Darkness understandeth it not

But it was a maker of path for the just

A reflection to behold

A trade mark of astonishing glory

Standard against evil deeds

In its mystic,there was power to uphold

Without it nothing was made