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financial Angel
This talks about...helpers of destiny


Thumbs_upby Emmanuel .o. Ameachi22 Oct 2014


shared story in poem

:my provider

Remembered goodness is a benediction

The very ground were made into a deeper kind of blessing

A favour for a favour

Party on the mountain with the ravenous

Providence of riches by unknown angels

A making of rain...the rain man things

Its black and its white

Above always and never beaneath

Reasons with special force of enjoyment

The painless gimmicks of fortune was found

Painting colours of lack..became a thing to ignore

At the presence of financial angel

Short note yield long result

A dance in the rain

We dont have to be first to succeed

All that is needed is the idea that spring

A tolerance of free expression

The giving seed to the sower

Once have i spoken,but twice as my angel heard

Saying ask and it shall be given

An angel to find anywhere feet can take