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This talks about Christmas period

50 Days To Christmas

Thumbs_upby Emmanuel .o. Ameachi22 Oct 2014


shared story in poem

Today a world buried in time

Read the language of a starving stomach

We are never alone

Open mouth for a refill

See into christmas and what do you see coming..?

Can you feel signs of your memories..?

Or your eyes visualize the three hundred past fifteen days.

Past days of broken bones

In the bush buried in red mud

Can you make peace..?

Can you fight war..?

In this fifty days to christmas

Can you survive against all odd

As someone else sun

A light so shine before men

Day made in a moment of the year

Moment of grabs on the soul

Times of waiting for the right moments,by waiting every moment

This 50 days to christmas is all to now and not later

If you care now,mine is greater