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Rose and Thorns
This talks about life and the way it makes into ups and down


Thumbs_upby Emmanuel .o. Ameachi22 Oct 2014

ROSE*:) happy AND THORNS*~X( at wits' end
shared story in poem

A joy to feel at the presence of the rose

A pain to embrace at the choke of the thorns

Roses may have what makes it into thorns,be grateful it have roses

Words deep in mind;;;deep down it froze

Tear drops,more drops of tear drops

Showers of streams in the night

Ugly memories beclouding

Limelight soak in confusion

It black and its white

Flip flop mountains and valley

Started something to know you are gone with it

Stories goes on daily lines

Pleasures of joy and pains

A sunshine in the rain

Questioning the light shinning in the dark

Its roses when it blue and golden

Its thorns when its black and hard

All this pain does not matter...if you have the rose.