Chasing the Shot

Pz-avatarby Thurmond Dugal29 Apr 2015

You think you you're such a good fellow.
That you make things more mellow.
That I want you around to help.
That I like it when you play clown,
Trying to jack me up when I am down.
That I like your acid humor bits.
That I want your ironic smile.
That I seek your chronic wits.

When the shot comes and I swallow,
In the silence after, in that eerie hollow
You think I want you to lead and I follow.
But do you consider me a fool, so callow?
That I cannot step up, that I'm so shallow?
That I need some empty good fellow?
That I want Mr. Mellow, that I'm so yellow?

Good fellow, let me break the news to you
You are the cause of the emptiness.
You are the reason for that awkward silence.
In that moment after, in that eerie hollow
I don't need your lead. I don't need you to fill
The void with some humor and smile.
You are the cause of the emptiness.
You, it's been you, every time, all the while.
In terms you understand, here is the plot:
You're not the chaser, you're more the shot.