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Celebrating all responsible Father's.


Picsart_10-21-06.16.00by Poetic Dela25 Aug 2017


The root of a giant tree
Branches depend on
A rock to stand on
The king of the jungle

The lion roars
At the sight of danger
The shield of the knight protects its people
Thickness of its roots builds a strong foundation

Not only for its branches,
But its leaves as well
The knight fights not for his life
But for the lives he shields

The battle field becomes his home
Wounds become a source of motivation
The sword his aid
Success and defeat his merits

At sunrise
He hears the daily mass
He prays for his own
The Quintain and Pell become a source of strength
Issues of warfare become his headache

He lives according to the chivalry rules
Time is spent on mastering the dance
The dance to the tune of death
His skills in horsemanship eases

The stressful journey
Hunting and hawking become a responsibility
Jugglers, acrobats, and jesters become his muse

At dusk
A toast to the family knight is made
A great feast is held
Prayers are said for him

In life
He is worth celebrating
And in death
He is remembered and emulated.
Cheers! !