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Hoping Sally becomes my Sallycious Ohema.


Df1a9c9a4e984ac064468aeb1e68d895by Poetic Dela28 Aug 2017

The sight of her
Makes me believe
Black is beautiful ampa
Grandma always used to say
The beautiful ones are not yet born
But I get tempted to call her a liar
Anytime I see her

If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
Then I should be intoxicated by her beauty
Just because I'm a beerholder
Blessed with an amazing smile and well endowed
I stay glued to my window anytime I perceive her sweet perfume from afar

Her smiles keeps me motivated
Fingers crossed
Hoping she could be
Be My Woman one-day
The sound of her voice
Reminds me of Madonna
The sight of her lips makes me lick mine
Feeling how soft and sweet they are becomes a craving

Seeing her body sets mine on fire
The only remedy is getting close to hers
What a feeling it would be
I get on my knees every evening
Praying she is Booless
So Sally could be my Ohema
My Sallycious Ohema I mean!

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