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Hoping Sally becomes my Sallycious Ohema.


Picsart_10-21-06.16.00by Poetic Dela28 Aug 2017

The sight of her
Makes me believe
Black is beautiful ampa
Grandma always used to say
The beautiful ones are not yet born
But I get tempted to call her a liar
Anytime I see her

If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
Then I should be intoxicated by her beauty
Just because I'm a beerholder
Blessed with an amazing smile and well endowed
I stay glued to my window anytime I perceive her sweet perfume from afar

Her smiles keeps me motivated
Fingers crossed
Hoping she could be
Be My Woman one-day
The sound of her voice
Reminds me of Madonna
The sight of her lips makes me lick mine
Feeling how soft and sweet they are becomes a craving

Seeing her body sets mine on fire
The only remedy is getting close to hers
What a feeling it would be
I get on my knees every evening
Praying she is Booless
So Sally could be my Ohema
My Sallycious Ohema I mean!

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