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Use of words to show readers the importance of a pen in writing and how indomitable i am when I comes to poetry and writing.

PEN GAME (by Poet Dela)

Df1a9c9a4e984ac064468aeb1e68d895by Poetic Dela20 Sep 2017

Out of a mess
Came a message
Out of my pen
Came an adage
An ink can either
Create or destroy
It either scribes or floats
reputations are slaves
to that ink

Out of a match comes
a scoreline
Out of my struggle comes a result
Success and failure
Casted in one dice
Words and expressions soaked
in an ink

At the sight of a pen
White papers get stained
My dark thoughts become inerasable
Knowledge and wisdom get scribed
Minds shiver at the sight of my tactics

If a pen can sketch a game
Then a game can as well mimic
a pen
If my pen scribes an average of
4500 words
Then my bag should be the second
national library.

but well
Doubters and naysayers
failed to admit that